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8. Anvil

Dates Seen: May 14th (Alice Cooper), July 24th (Heavy TO), August 26th (Alice Cooper), December 6th (Alice Cooper)
Venues: Pavillion de la Jeunesse, Downsview Park, Erie Canal Harbor, Centre in the Square

You guys seem pretty split over Anvil, but I love them. Lips always looks like he's having a great time, and Robbo is an absolute beast on drums. I'd put them higher, but I've seen them 4 times and they've never played more than 8 songs. And even between those sets, I've seen maybe 10 different songs. Go see them, but I don't recommend seeing them as often as I did this year :P

7. Crimson Shadows

Date Seen: April 28th (Cauldron/Holy Grail)
Venue: Annex Wreckroom

This is my other favourite "local" band. I consider them Dragonforce with harsh vocals, and they even opened for Dragonforce in October. In this sense, they are the perfect live band: their songs are totally catchy and fun to sing along to, but heavy enough to get some pits going. They played this show without a bassist, but that didn't really affect the performance. Much like Borealis, this show would have been better if I recognized more of the songs. Their new album finally came out around September though, so I'm pretty excited to see them again.
8/29 - Borealis
9/6 - Gruesome
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