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Dying Fetus
History Repeats

Honestly, when I first got this EP, I was kind of disappointed. And I still am, a little bit. Still though, it's fucking Dying Fetus. This is my least favorite release of theirs, but it's still just, COOL. I guess. The opener, originally by Dehumanized is great. Slow and simple for DF song, it has some cool breakdowns and great riffs. Rohypnol is a 41 second joke song w/ some purposely over-the-top pig squeals. Cool song, though. Couple other ok songs, nothing great, but for whatever reason, I find myself listening to this EP quite a bit.

02/25: Cannibal Corpse/Behemoth (?)
03/28: Biohazard
05/13: Slipknot/Hatebreed

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