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Top 10 Best Live Bands of 2011

After going to only 2 concerts in 2010, I sort of forgot just how much fun they really are. I only made it out to 8 this year, but I saw plenty of great bands. It's pretty hard to rank some of them, but here we go:

10. Blackguard

Dates Seen: February 25th (Deicide), April 27th (Symphony X), September 4th (Kamelot)
Venues: The Opera House (x2), The Mod Club

I know that everyone here hates this band, but I think they are great live. I wasn't really familiar with their work before the Deicide show, but they were a great change of pace from the other bands. I didn't go to the other two shows for Blackguard, but they were definitely a bonus. I'm not as fond of them on record, but they are worth seeing live (though I imagine it would get boring if they were at every single show I was at).

9. Borealis

Date Seen: April 27th (Symphony X)
Venue: The Opera House

I might be the biggest fanboy of this band. It was my 4th time seeing them, and the first time since 2009. I think this was their CD release party, except that they didn't have the CDs yet, so Sean Werlick (keyboards) was taking pre-orders. They only got 5 songs, but all of them were from the new album and they were all great. I wish I could have seen them on the Saxon tour because I know I'd enjoy it more if I knew the songs. If you like any kind of Power or Progressive Metal, make sure to go see Borealis live and buy their new album, "Fall From Grace".
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