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Spiner202's Year End Review

While I'm fairly new here (at least, in terms of posting), I'm going to be doing a year end review because I'm surprised at how little my tastes match up with everyone else. I listen to very little besides Metal, so that's about all you are going to get out of my list. I'm still undecided on the top 10 albums and will likely expand it to 15 (especially since I'm getting a few more for Christmas).

With that said, I'll kick this off with the following:

Top 3 Worst/Disappointing Live Bands of 2011
Top 10 Best Live Bands of 2011
Biggest Surprises of 2011
3 Most Disappointing Albums of 2011
Top 10 (or 15) albums of 2011

Top 3 Worst/Disappointing Live Bands of 2011

I didn't see too many bad bands this year, so number 2 and 3 are disappointments for me.

3. Holy Grail

Date Seen: April 28th
Venue: Annex Wreckroom

I LOVE Holy Grail. Crisis in Utopia is one of my favourite albums in recent years, and I even saw the band last year supporting Blind Guardian. I'd say they even gave the mighty Blind Guardian stiff competition at that show, but I didn't get that feeling at this show. Maybe it's because I was partially dehydrated during their set, but I thought they weren't as energetic as last time I saw them. I also lost a lot of respect for James Paul Luna when he called the opener, Crimson Shadows, "Crimson Storm". I get that he wouldn't know the band, but you'd think he'd at least bother to learn their name if he's going to mention them (it would have been like him saying "thank you Montreal!"). With this said, I'll go see them again, because I know they can be amazing live and because their songs are great. They weren't bad, they just didn't meet my super high expectations.

2. Deicide

Date Seen: February 25th
Venue: The Opera House

There are three main reasons I didn't enjoy this band (even though I love them). Firstly, at the time, I wasn't really that familiar with their material. I only had three albums, and they hardly play anything from Legion anyways. This is something I know won't be a problem next time. Second, the sound was awful. It started out sounding good, but then the bass drums got way too high into the mix and everything became a blur. Finally, my brother took me to this restaurant beforehand which made me pretty sick, and we ended up skipping the encore. Ultimately, I know I'll enjoy Deicide next time, but I'd say that this show just wasn't that much fun.

1. Billy Talent

Date Seen: July 24th
Venue: Downsview Park

Say what you will about Billy Talent, but it's not my kind of music. They were at Heavy TO and the only reason I saw them was because my brother wanted to. I'll admit that they are decent at what they do, but can you seriously expect them to look good when they have to follow Slayer? I did enjoy watching this one roadie stare down people who threw things on stage, but besides that, I was about ready to go home after two long days of Metal. Hopefully Heavy TO doesn't book another band like this for next year.

Tomorrow I'll start doing 2 bands a day for the best live bands of the year.
8/29 - Borealis
9/6 - Gruesome
9/9 - Axxion, Amulet, Manacle
10/3 - Hibria
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