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5. Goatpenis- Depleted Ammunition

2011 brought about the end of a decade free from acts of terrorism as grandiose and iconic as 9/11. Fortunately, my favorite war metal guerillas were quick to try and give al-Qaeda a run for their money- and I think believe did just that. The only complaints I’ve heard about the band’s last effort Biochemterrorism were that the introduction of melodic leads(which I actually quite enjoyed) killed the hateful and aggressive atmosphere, and that the ass-bad production made the album suffer so much it could not be properly compared to Inhumanization. While I thought Biochemterrorism was awesome, Depleted Ammunition surpasses it in every way, and fixes the parts that got the last record detractors. Depleted Ammunition blends the grindiness of their debut with the complexity of Biochemterrorism and I’d say also works in much more ‘catchy’ death-riffs that all combine together to make pretty much the perfect “war-metal” release. Plus every song is named after a goddamn weapon, if that’s not badass I do not know what is. There are few albums that I can say legitimately emanate an atmosphere of total chaos, hatred, and genocide without relying on clichés or delving into the realms of tongue in cheek violence, but Depleted Ammunition accomplished that without question. I think Osama would be proud.

Although I’m sure Goatpenis would hate me for linking them to a Muslim, as I’m sure they are on the genocide-to-all-religions front annnd probably hate all non-white people.

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