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Was there any real doubt it wouldn't be this? It's without a doubt the album that came out this year that I listened to, and enjoyed, the most from any genre. After a string of EP's, and 2009's Secrets of the World LP, Big Kiss Goodnight is TUI's first fully thought out, mature album as a band. Stay Cold was a fucking incredible, perfect, genre-influencing EP back in 2008 for modern hardcore, and this album comes close to being just as memorable and important for a full-length effort. Above all, the songs are catchy. Back to back to back, almost all the songs completely rock. TUI have their own style, and rock it hard. I think most people either love or hate this band, but I recommend them to everyone. They're the best "new-wave-of-hardcore" band out there in my opinion.

Oh, and:

It's from "Born to Die", but I can't find a good Youtube link for it.

Notable Tracks (everything is fucking amazing, but here are my favorites):
Pleased To Meet You

Oh, and the awesome amazing heaviest hardcore song written in the last 5 years re-recorded:
Reality Unfolds

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