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6. Syphilitic Vaginas- Alpha Antichrist

Unfortunately, this is the only album on the list I've put together that I don't actually own. I really don't think that's that ridiculous though when the first pressing of the bands debut full length is limited to 250 copies (90% of which I'm sure were sold in Japan.) I love obscure records and the hunt for rare pieces of vinyl, but in this instance I really wish they had gone a less kvlt route and at least done even a shittier edition limited to at least 1000 copies (which I'm sure would still sell out remarkably fast.) The rarity also accounts for that image sadly being the only one I can find of the album on the internet. Oh well, it's fucking outstanding. For those who haven't heard Syphilitic Vaginas before, they are a probably the best GISM worship band there has ever been, but on some of the newer records they've developed the sound much more into incorporating 1st Wave of Black Metal and Motorheady riffing, and that only makes it all the more incredible. I play the fuck out of the few Syphilitic Vaginas records I am lucky enough to have, and I wish I could say the same for Alpha Antichrist because I think it is their pinnacle of quality so far...maybe one day. For now it's pretty easy to find a d/l and I suggest you all get on doing that right now!

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