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I figured the opening bands would get way better responses at Chain. I went to Key Club and the crowd was dead and empty for Take Offense and Rotting Out with pretty much no movement whatsoever. Right before Madball came on a lot of people came in the venue and the pit was pretty active for them.

Soul Search is a great band. They're really good friends with my friends in Disapproval. I've mentioned them before on JD's hardcore thread about how they're really good friends with Rotting Out also. The singer of Soul Search used to be in my friend's old band, Offtrack.

Offtrack disbanded for some reason last year and the lead singer formed Soul Search, while the remaining Offtrack members later formed Disapproval with a new singer. If you check out Offtrack's myspace and look at their flyers, you'll notice about half or even more of their shows they are playing with Rotting Out. The original singer and guitarist are still really good friends with my friends in Disapproval. The original singer would often wear Offtrack at their biggest shows to help get Offtrack's name out. Disapproval and Offtrack have also played with Take Offense a few times and are friends with them.

Soul Search is actually going on a weekend tour in January with Disapproval and New Brigade and they're playing LA and Pomona. You should check it out.

Now that I remember I think everyone in Disapproval except their guitarist was at this Madball show. The guitarist of Disapproval happens to be one of my good friends who I talk to often whom I've known since middle school. I think he's coming to my band's practice tonight also. He said he's down to set up a show together with my band and his locally in our area, despite our bands being different genres (his being hardcore punk, mine being melodeath/metalcore).

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