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Top 5 Live Releases of 2011

There are only a handful of factors which make a live release worth purchasing, and they apply to pretty much everything.

a) Sound quality (+video quality if it's a DVD)
b) Song selection
c) How many other live releases the band has, and how similar they are
d) They're probably only of interest to existing fans

Additionally, DVDs also have
e) Quality of performance/show/pyro etc. - this rarely matters on a live CD
f) Whether or not the concert has been fucked with (stupid effects, interruptions with backstage footage/interviews, etc.)

Therefore, no point really highlighting anything extra about each of these as they all have positives in each of the areas above, and review links are provided. All of these are highly recommended for anyone already a fan of these bands:

Homegrown: Alive In Lugano (CD+DVD/2LP)
Nuclear Blast

Hell Over Sofia: 20 Years of Chaos And Confusion

Nuclear Blast

Iced Earth
Festivals of The Wicked

Century Media

Fireworks... Still Alive!

Yesterrock Records

Live At River Plate

Columbia Records

7/5 Bryan Adams
8/5 Corey Taylor
12/5 Gov't Mule
25/5 Zakk Wylde
28/8 Zakk Wylde

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