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That riff. That. Fucking. Riff.

Scrambled is probably my favorite song that came out this year. I've listened to it waaaaay too many times. The insane opening, just that drum and bass, is one of the most violent riffs in hardcore I've heard this year. And it represents everything I love about this album. Every single song just has crushing, crazy hardcore riffs that don't get old. Harm's Way were good before, but it wasn't until this second full length by them that they became truly fucking awesome. Harm's Way are one the heaviest iterations of hardcore out there today. Every riff is sludgy, heavy, and plain misanthropic. They label themselves "satanic straight edge", pure negativity in musical form. It's awesome. And after seeing them live, they're one of the most mosh-worthy bands I've ever seen. Can't wait to catch them again in the future. Oh, and 2:32 into Breeding Grounds, NO ONE SURVIVES The singer from Weekend Nachos also plays bass. Check 'em out!

Notable Tracks:
Breeding Grounds

P.S. They've also got one of the most intimidating singer's in existence.

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