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Originally Posted by masterguy49 View Post
Also same for me. They were one of the first metal bands I fell in love with and I have yet to see them live.
We are truly Persian brothers, my man.

Before I got into all kinds of music the only things i use to listen to when i was in 7th grade and 8th grade was random movie/video game sound tracks.....and...TOOL........and slayer...(i DIDN'T start getting into my love for hip hop and FUCKIN' METAL untill high school came strolling through). Tool....well... They are an old' flame of mine, and i can't help but go back to listening to them when i have been silent from their tunes for a good blue moon or so. When i use to live in Iran back in the mid 90s my mom would always blast "Undertow" and all kinds a shit to my face, eventually it grew on me and then when I got The next release Aeinema i was like HOLY SHITBALLS WTF IS THIS GOOD GOD ALL MIGHTY THIS IS AN EPIC PIECE OF FUCKING RECORD, OH SHiiiiiiiT!!! And don't even get me started with Lateralus, just a beautiful record....I'm not too big on the last release 10,000 days, cept for a couple of tunes...but that's it

I saw Tool at the Staple Center back in 2006 during their 10,000 Tour. I had a great time All though I was in the very top on the nose bleeds, but I was still totally blown away by their epic performance and visuals being projected behind the band. Band was was perfect and I went ballz nutz when they played Aeinama tunes(I really wish they played 3rd Eye. i was screaming that the whole night, as well as "Swamp song"). I was pretty pissed we didn't get any songs off Undertow. NOT ONE SINGLE GODDAMN SONG. Wudduhfuckisupwithdatson?

I ain't complaining, just want to get the homiez voice heard.

Anyways, masterguy, hope you have a blast at tool gig and glad to know i'm not the only persian up in this biznitch that loves this band with a passion.

Now uh....Where is that CA date
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