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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post

How could this not be in my top 3? With members from Terror, Hatebreed, Madball, and Agnostic Front, it's the ultimate hardcore supergroup side project. It sounds as you'd imagine it, like all those groups had some twisted hardcore orgy and this popped out as a child. Scott Vogel also continues to prove that he's not only the best hardcore vocalist nowadays, but he's also one of the best lyricists. His shouts are perfect, and carries over the same writing that made Terror have the catchiest lyrics ever. It's got the speed of Terror, heaviness of Hatebreed, fuck-all mentality of Agnostic Front, and groove of Madball. With 7 songs, and only 1 running past the 2 minute mark, this is definitely my EP of the year. Hopefully we'll see more material from these guys in the future. Maybe even a live show? Do yourself a favor and take the next 15 minutes to check out this album.

Notable Tracks:
Decontrol -> Keep Me Outside
I Owe You Nothing

Never heard of this but just listened to it and its amazing. Totally agree about Scott being one of the best. Also helps that right now I have my Terror shirt on.
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