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7. Morbus Chron- Sleepers in the Rift

Morbus Chron managed to make a better Autopsy album in 2011 than Autopsy did, and to accomplish that as a bunch of Swedish 18 year-olds putting out your debut record is an impressive a feat (although I’m sure having a sibling who performed in Nihilist/Entombed helped quite a bit.) Sleepers in the Rift is damn near perfect in emulating the filthy OSDM sound of the first few Autopsy records, but with a twist of Swedish death metal excellence that puts Morbus Chron just barely outside of the total ‘worship band’ that their demo/EP certainly had the vibe of. Excellent production, the best Morbus Chron material to date (despite the awesomeness of Creepy Creeping Creeps) and even a badass non-photoshop painted cover blend perfectly together to make Sleepers in the Rift an entirely satisfying slab of old school filth.

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