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8. Necros Christos- Doom of the Occult

I’m not really sure why I always 100% associate Necros Christos with Negative Plane, but I do, and for some reason I was compelled to choose one of their albums for the slot on my list instead of both. Again, no real reason for it, the Negative Plane record ruled, but NC won, and therefore. No Negative Plane. Anyway. Doom of The Occult was the best occulty death metal record of 2011, and it has an atmosphere so it’s own that I’m not sure there are a lot of modern death metal records that come close to having such a defined aura (perhaps Seven Chalices..) Like the Teitanblood record too it is filled with interludes that make casual listening a bit of a chore (breaking up singles for a ‘playlist’ or whatever would be blasphemy in this instance) and because of that I don’t think I’ve given the album the amount of spins it deserves, but really, it’s fucking perfect. Beats Triune without question I think, which is not something to be done lightly.

Baal of Ekron

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