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Terra Morta is a local band from Tacoma, WA. They have a great mix of melodic death metal and black metal. So far they have only released demo's and EP's in their career, but all have had their own greatness to them. This year they released their EP, "MMV" which is recording of their older songs (much like Ceremonial Casting's new album). Since this recording they have slowly morphed into a different more atmospheric style, but have not trailed too far from this sound of the past. If any of you are into very tasteful guitar leads, then you must check this out, it is a masterpiece. The production is very in your face, but not over the top in the slightest! Below is a link to their Facebook where you can stream the entire disc!


A band known for being around for 8 years and not releasing a single full length album is quite an event, but this year we finally saw the release of Midnight's first full length album, "Satanic Royalty". On my first listen to this album I instantly felt the Motorhead influence. The way the songs were written, the way the guitar leads would come in, definitely Motorhead. Then when I'd listen to it even more I heard the Venom influence. This album was a surprise to me since I first heard Midnight on a Hell's Headbangers compilation and totally dug the track (the title track of the album) so I immediately looked into them and saw they had a full length coming out. If you enjoy a blackened version of Motorhead with that rawness of Venom, then this is for you. Don't expect much from the bonus DVD though .


I will end this list at number 5, yet another EP from Singapore's very own Black Metal icons, Impiety. Impiety was a band that I recently got into as well this year, although I had heard of them previously I never took the time to look into their music until i found out my band was opening for them. I first picked up their "Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny" album, which was also released this year, and was a bit let down. The album was one track at over 30 minutes long. I know many bands do this, but a War Metal band? Luckily I saw they had released an EP this year as well, so i had to give it a spin, and I was not disappointed the second time around. The opening track sets the mood for the metal onslaught. I hope they come back this year because they put on so much energy, and come off as an Asian Watain... smell wise
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