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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
You do not want to be on the floor. Let me repeat that - you DO NOT want to be on the floor. Tool use the entire stage - and in fact, the entire arena - to convey the sensory overload that is a Tool show. If you're at floor level, you're going to miss a lot. Plus, being close to the band members doesn't mean much with this band, as they're actually not that emotive on stage (save Maynard, but only some of the time). The only exception I could see is if you were a drummer and wanted to witness Danny doing his thing up close.

Otherwise, a Tool show is definitely better appreciated a reasonable distance from the stage. If they play an arena, get a seat that's just slightly up off the floor. Nosebleeds are crappy, yes, but being a little way up off the floor gives you a better view, and the sound is likely to be better, too.

Trust me on this one. Do not get floor tickets. You'd be wasting your money.
Duly noted. Thanks for the solid advice, as always, Nat.
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