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Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Witchcraft View Post
Cheapest tickets are $60 before ticketbastard fees.

No thanks.
Well this is typical for Tool, but it brings up a good point. I look at this tour or whatever it is this way:

Either they'll be playing new stuff, or they won't. If they don't, then they'll probably be playing a set that's a hell of a lot like what I've seen them do before, with a few possible exceptions, but still. Not sure I'm all that interested in that.

If they DO play new stuff, I won't have heard it before and won't be sure how to react to it. By definition, Tool makes the kind of music that's good to be able to digest first before seeing it live so that it can be fully enjoyed.

So either way, I'm now thinking that I'd rather wait until they're officially on tour for the new album and see them then. The only thing is, they likely won't have IntrOnaut with them at that time. Luckily for me, I've seen IntrOnaut live before, but still - any opportunity to see them again is one I'd rather not miss.

So basically what I'm saying after all that explanation is that I'd be OK with missing this if it weren't for IntrOnaut. Weird.
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