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Dates seen: May 27th, 2011 (Maryland Deathfest), October 30th, 2011

And here it is, the best live band of the year I saw. Quite possibly the best live band I've ever seen as well. At MDF, every band I had seen so far was awesome, so by the time Exhumed was going on I was expecting them to be good as well. My expectations were strapped on to 500 bottle rockets and launched into the air, because I totally underestimated what I was going to be witnessing. Everything was just so fast, heavy, and straight up brutal when they went on! The songs from Gore Metal are definitely the best in their current live settings because they are very clean live and they speed them up for added intensity. But that can be said for all of their songs, just those ones sound the best to me. MDF was also their first U.S. show since disbanding 6 or so years ago, so to see them have a performance of that caliber was just astounding. You'd probably know this by now, but they were definitely the best band at MDF out of the dozens of bands there. I walked out of their set when they were done with my jaw on the floor. I had to tell everyone I knew about what I had just seen.

Unfortunately, I had to miss their summer show in Milwaukee with Macabre, but luckily I had convinced quite a few people to see them after explaining how good they were at MDF. And go figure, every single one of those people who went and saw them then came back to see them at the end of October with Goatwhore. I obviously made an effort to go see them again, no way was I going to miss them that time. I don't think I've heard one bad thing about them live because everyone can't help but enjoy them. One of my friends at the October show who usually never goes to shows anymore because of work, lack of funds, etc. managed to go to that show out of all the ones coming through Chicago that month. He told me in the middle of their set that he made the right choice going to this one!

I'm very glad I've gotten people to go see them live, not just in Chicago but sometimes in other places. I think I told some people about them live on this site... maybe, not sure. But yeah, hands down the best live band I've seen this year. I hope that tour rumor with Cannibal Corpse is true, I really do.

Thanks for reading my list! Happy holidays and such to all, and I'm looking forward to what bands will be on the 2012 list!
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