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Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
48) Witch Mountain Ė South of Salem
With South of Salem, Oregon doom-metallers Witch Mountain takes us down to the crossroads in the Mississippi delta. Their style of doom metal is very bluesy and of course, slow. Their combination of slow riffs and high-range female vocals is an approach to doom that I havenít heard and is pretty solid. Now, the reason this album is low on the list is because I donít feel that album really progresses over time or really goes anywhere. Most of the songs sound a little too similar for my taste. Considering this album was a decade in the making, youíd think they could write more concentrated songs that progress and evolve, but that didnít happen here. If youíre into groove oriented metal, or wanna hear some modern metal with a bluesy twang, go for it, but other wise you arenít missing anything great by skipping South of Salem, just something fairly good.
South Sugar
I really couldn't get into this record. Mostly for the two reasons you cited here. And for some reason, though incredible in their own right, the vocals somehow seem out of place with the band's sound.
3/12 Pentagram
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