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Until I get to my Top 5 or 10, I'll be doing the Top 50 list in increments of five.

50) Old Silver Key Ė Tales of Wanderings
Neige sure is one busy guy. Iíve only heard his names circulating the intrawebs for maybe a year, but this is the third project Iíve heard him in. Like Lantlos, Neige only provides vocals for Old Silver Key. The band really is the guys from Drudkh. Unlike Lantlos, Old Silver Key features little to no elements of black metal. Sure, they throw in some tremolo picking and blast beats every blue moon, but itís never distorted and Neige never uses his black metal shrieks on this album. Essentially, this album is a post-rock/shoegaze album. Itís in no way a metal album, and thereís nothing wrong with that. The only problem I have with the album is that it is pretty much just Alcest sans the black metal. There are some really cool tracks on the album, but Iíd rather just listen to Alcest. But if you like Alcest, but wanna hear something similar to it without the whole black metal thing, I highly recommend it.
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49) Thomas Giles Ė Pulse
Although I wasnít there to experience the reactions to Thomas Giles Rogersí first solo effort, Giles, I know for a fact it wasnít pretty. And when Tommy Rogers announced that heíd be releasing another solo album, I knew a lot of people werenít looking forward to it. Neither was I at first. I had listened to some of the material on Giles, and to be frank, it sucks. But I then heard the single off the album, Sleep Shake, and fear I did not. For the most part, Tommy Rogers abandonís all the elements of the putrid Giles on Pulse. Pulse is full of different colors, emotions, and moods. You canít really fit this album into one genre. On Pulse, you hear alt-rock, electronica, acoustic singer/song writer, metal, and much more. I like the album a lot for that reason, but itís also why itís this low on the list. Pulse doesnít really feel like an album, but a random collection of songs. That may be because thatís precisely what it is, but still. You have your good moments and your shit moments, but the good outweighs the shit. If you like alternative/experimental rock music, Iíd recommend giving Pulse a shot.
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48) Witch Mountain Ė South of Salem
With South of Salem, Oregon doom-metallers Witch Mountain takes us down to the crossroads in the Mississippi delta. Their style of doom metal is very bluesy and of course, slow. Their combination of slow riffs and high-range female vocals is an approach to doom that I havenít heard and is pretty solid. Now, the reason this album is low on the list is because I donít feel that album really progresses over time or really goes anywhere. Most of the songs sound a little too similar for my taste. Considering this album was a decade in the making, youíd think they could write more concentrated songs that progress and evolve, but that didnít happen here. If youíre into groove oriented metal, or wanna hear some modern metal with a bluesy twang, go for it, but other wise you arenít missing anything great by skipping South of Salem, just something fairly good.
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47) The Gates of Slumber Ė The Wretch
The Gates of Slumber are a time machine. Their form of traditional doom metal is similar to any doom metal album you would hear in the 80ís; being equal part Vitus, Pentagram, and Candlemass. The singer/guitarist, Karl Simon, sounds a lot like Ozzy too. The Gates of Slumber door a good job of writing awesome riffs and bitchiní solos. All the songs here are good. They guys do nothing wrong. The reason they are at this place on my list is because I feel that I could be listening to another band, such as Vitus, Sabbath, or Candlemass, and get the same, if not better satisfaction than I do while listening to The Gates Of Slumber. But if youíre a fan of retro doom metal, and want to get your hands on something newer, check these guys out.
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46) Amon Amarth Ė Surtur Rising
Itís hard to hate Amon Amarth. Their strain of melodic death metal is well written, catchy, and brutal. You can always rely on Amon Amarth to release solid melodic death metal for all of us to enjoy, and that is just what they did with Surtur Rising. Not much has changed this time around. But that is to be expected. People often call Amon Amarth the most consistent band in death metal, which is both good and bad. It is good because if you like Amon Amarth, you never have to worry about them writing a shitty album, but itís bad because when a band is so formulaic, you never get to see how the band could grow and evolve. You get the same product as last time, just newer and a little shinier. So like I said, itís hard to hate Amon Amarth, but itís also hard to love them.
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