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slapguitarer's big fat 2011 list/orgy

Long have I awaited this moment. I joined the forum right when all the 2010 lists were rolling in, and it was a great way to be introduced to the forums. Everybody reading each other's lists, giving each other internet brofists 'n' such gave a off a sense of camaraderie that I really liked. This was a refreshing enviornment, since I had just come off of the Mayhem Fest forums. Now I get to participate in this event, and it's super chill.

So, what can one expect from my year end list? Here's a list(in no particular order):
My Top 50 Albums of 2011
Top 10 live acts w/honorable mentions
Most disappointing album of 2011
Worst album of 2011
Best riff of 2011
Top 5 EP's
My dad's Top 5 albums of 2011

I'll start with my Top 50 and all the other stuff will come in between.
5/23 Giant Squid/Botanist/Cormorant
5/30 Alter De Fey
6/2 Ufommamut/Usnea
10/10-11 California Deathfest

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