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Sabaton -- London, England -- December 17th, 2011

Venue: Koko, Camden - London
Support: Hell (sorry but missed them, saw some videos on youtube and wasnt too fussed about seeing them)

Was so excited for this gig as this was the last date on there world war tour and announced it would be the longest set they've played. Havent seen them for a while and they are such a great band live.
Venue was the right size, quite small and it was packed out. There were lots of fans from poland, sweden and other European countries. As soon as they came on everyone went ape shit!

Sabaton: 20:00 - 22:00

1.Intro (The Final Countdown)
(Europe cover) (Over Speakers)
2.The March To War
(Over Speakers)
3.Ghost Division
4.Primo Victoria
6.Cliffs of Gallipoli

(announced here that this was the end of the set and now you decide what we play - from here he gave the crowd choices of songs/heard the odd fan shout something and they'd play it - was awesome, but interrupted the flow a bit)

7.Screaming Eagles
8.Coat of Arms
9.The Price of a Mile (was a choice between this and final solution)
14.White Death
16.Back in Control
17.Swedish Pagans
18.Panzer Battalion
19.Attero Dominatus
20.Purple Heart
(Crowd called for Union but but Joakim couldn't remember the lyrics)
21.Metal Ripper
22.Metal Medley
(Metal Machine and Metal Crue)

An awesome show and well worth the money! Great to hear some rare songs in there and cant wait to see them again and hear the new album (due out in May 2012)
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