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9. Autopsy- Macabre Eternal

I was thrilled/disappointed when Autopsy reunited/Abscess broke up, and I think The Tomb Within was probably what I expected reunion Autopsy to sound like- decent but not nearly up to the quality of Autopsy's old work. Luckily Macabre Eternal quickly fixed all the complaints I had about it predecessor, (mainly the semi-lame vocals and boring song structure), and the album seems to pick up right where Mental Funeral(the best death metal record ever) left off, almost skipping the evolution of the 2 studio albums, EP, and side band that came after it. I absolutely love Acts and to a lesser extent Shitfun, but deathdoom Autopsy is what they are best at and a return to that style I welcome with open arms. There is some definite progression in Autopsy's sound since the early 90's and Macabre Eternal is not just a rehashing of old albums; there's a lot of riff variation, the longest Autopsy song ever written, and Eric Cutler even sings one of the odder tracks on the album (Dirty Gore Whore.) Any oldschool Autopsy fans shouldn't have any reason to not love Macabre Eternal, unless of course they are above listening to the "new stuff." It's not as great as Mental Funeral or Severed Survival, but it's up there, and in an age where most death metal is technical, progressive, -core, or any other adjective that has bastardized the once incredible genre, Macabre Eternal is true to its roots and heavy as fuck.

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