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Dream Trans-Siberian Orchestra Show:
(Vocalists in Parenthesis)

01 Faith Noel (Instrumental)
02 An Angel Came Down (John Brink)
03 O Come All Ye Faithful / O Holy Night (Instrumental)
04 The Lost Christmas Eve (Rob Evan)
05 Christmas Dreams (Jeff Scott Soto)
06 First Snow (Instrumental)
07 Prince of Peace (Jeff Scott Soto)
08 Good King Joy (Daryl Pediford)
09 The Silent Nutcracker (Instrumental)
10 A Mad Russian's Christmas (Instrumental)
11 Christmas Nights in Blue (Jeff Scott Soto)
12 For the Sake of Our Brother (Daryl Pediford)
13 The Wisdom of Snow (Instrumental)
14 Back to a Reason (Rob Evan)
15 Christmas Eve / Sarajevo (Instrumental)
16 Wizards in Winter (Instrumental)
17 The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened) (Daryl Pediford)
18 Ornament (Tommy Faresse)
19 Wish Liszt (Instrumental)
20 Music Box Blues (Daryl Pediford)
21 The First Noel (Instrumental)
22 Old City Bar (Joe Cerisano)
23 Dream Child (Joe Cerisano)
24 Christmas Bells, Carousels, and Time (Instrumental)
25 What Child is This? (Rob Evan)
26 Promises to Keep (Jennifer Cella)
27 This Christmas Day (Tommy Faresse)
28 Christmas Canon Rock (Jennifer Cella)
29 An Angel Returned (John Brink / All)

30 Dreams of Candlelight (Jennifer Cella)
31 Who Is This Child? (Rob Evan)
32 The Morphine Child (Rob Evan / All)
33 Chance (Jeff Scott Soto / All)
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