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Exclamation 2011 10 of Top List Album Best Here of

Today through christmas ya hear + others etc.

Might as well go into it

10. Murder Junkies- Road Killer

I'll do the honourable mentions later so not to ruin the excitement of the countdown.
Anyway. GG Allin is the undisputed king of Rock N' Roll, and probably because of his notoriety there seems to be lots of hate towards his brother Merle's continuation of the band after GG's demise, but I am 100% ok with it, and the music picks up right where Brutality & Bloodshed left off (ok technically Feed My Sleave I believe, but I haven't heard that one so I'm going to go with the last full length.) PP is an excellent replacement vocally, obviously he can't live up to GG's live performances but when I saw the Murder Junkies in May touring in promotion of Road Killer he was in top form. The songs are catchy and sleazey punk rock, and besides my #2 on this list this album has probably provided me with the most frequently-stuck-in-head songs of any record from 2011. No real weak points throughout the entire thing other than maybe a being a bit lyrically excessive with the GG references, but that's easy to get over. It's a damn shame this one wasn't put out when GG was still alive because I think it'd rank right up there with Freaks on the scumfuck classics list.
Everyone should grab this and support the band, they are all around awesome there are far too few bands that don't give a fuck anymore.

Hated in Life

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