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I am a huge fan of old school Sonic Syndicate. Everyone knows We rule the night was total bullshit even Richard has said he regrets ever putting his vocals on that Cd. so After he left he formed the Unguided With Roger guitarist of Sonic Syndicate and Former SS vocalist Roland. I was so excited. because I fucking hated the new direction Sonic was going. There music helped me get past some rough times in my personal life so their 1st 3 Cds will always hold a special place for me. now back to the Unguided. this CD is Rich's vision what sonic should have been. its great to hear Rich and Roland sing together again. what makes this CD different is there are guitar solos done by Roland. and the most epic solo is found on Pathfinder. Synths are used more on this CD since SS's Eden Fire album. the Synths were produced by Pontus from Dead By April and I always liked their synth work. the lyrics were written by Rich and he is still on top of his game.
scoot the fuck over Sonic Syndicate and make way for The Unguided

Standout Tracks
Phoenix Down
Where the Frost Rose Withers
Ice Heart fragment
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