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46.The Black Keys-El Camino

I wasn't a Black Keys fan for a long time. I listened to their last record Brothers earlier this year and it didn't really click with me. I saw them on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago and they were awesome. I went and downloaded El Camino afterwards and their music finally clicked with me. This is some pretty rocking blues rock. It reminds me of a more blues-driven version of The White Stripes. There are plenty of catchy tracks and riffs in the same vein as The White Stripes (adding to the White Stripes similarites is the fact they are also a duo ). El Camino finally made me a Black Keys fan and I plan on revisting their discography soon.
Standout Tracks
1.Lonely Boy
2.Little Black Submarines
3.Dead and Gone

45.Chimaira-The Age of Hell

The Age Of Hell is Chimaira's redemption album after their mediocre last effort The Infection. It brings back their groove/riff-oriented sound (as well the tasteful use of clean vocals which has been absent for a while) which they are far better than the experimental and boring sound on The Infection. What makes this album pretty impressive is that was almost entirely written and recorded by Mark Hunter and Rob Arnold. They were defintely dedicated to making this album, even with the lack of a full band. It's not quite up to the level of their first few records, but it's a welcome return to form for Chimaira.
Standout Tracks
1.Losing My Mind
2.Time Is Running Out
6/18 Bane
7/5 letlive.
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