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17. Evile - Five Serpent's Teeth

After Infected Nations, I had all but forgotten about Evile, so when this record was due, I didn't really care to pay attention. Then I seen the video for Cult. Cult showed a band on the attack, a band taking no prisoner's, a band actually doing something worth listening to. I sought out the record as soon as it came out, and my jaw dropped. The song-writing, soloing, riffing, it's all been stepped up in leaps and bounds since Infected Nations. From the dual guitar solo of Centurion to the melodic break of Xaraya, this is a band doing something promising with the thrash movement, instead of just re-hashing old ideas. Of course, since they lost Mike Alexander last year, there is a direct tribute to him, but the band seem to have used the emotional fuel from his death to create something he would have been proud of, and I certainly would agree with that sentiment. This is as close to ....And Justice For All as I think we're going to get, and if you want to see the future of thrash, I think between Evile and Vektor, we're safe!

R.I.P Mike Alexander

Centurion -
Yesterday don't mean SHIT.

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