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I have warmed up alot to this record since the first time I heard it. The vocals are pretty interesting and there is some intricate and interesting guitarwork in places. Hell, there are moments of complete greatness on this album. Even though I like the album more now, I still have one complaint, this band isn't really living up to their potential. There a lot of moments of great bulid-up with a dissapointing payoff. That being said, I am very excited for what that band has in store for the future. Their live show was very good when I saw them open for BTBAM and I actually like Elliot Coleman's vocals more than Dan Tompkins's (I know I am in the extreme minority on that one). This is their first full-length album, so they have ample time to learn from their weaknesses and progress as a band (which I think will happen come the writing process for the next TesseracT album) is a band I will keeping a very close eye in the next few years and I hope their next album is as good as I am expecting it to be.
Standout Tracks
1.Concealing Fate Part Two-Deception
2.Concealing Fate Part Six-Origin
3.Concealing Fate Part Three-The Impossible


Although it's clearly rushed, it's still pretty good (Even if the best song, "Black Swan", was recorded five years ago). It shows how special of a band Megadeth when throw a record together in no time at all and it's still a solid release. It lacks the fire and songwriting of Endgame, but this is still another respectable release from Mustaine and Co.
Standout Tracks
1.Black Swan
2.Sudden Death
3.Fast Lane
1/7 August Burns Red/Protest the Hero
2/19 Tove Lo
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