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Inquisition -- Chicago, IL -- December 13th, 2011

As I've mentioned before, when I saw Inquisition for the first time at MDF this past year, I was... a bit inebriated. Thus, I couldn't remember most of their set to save my life What I did remember though were them sounding awesome, so I figured I'd see them again, even with the absence of Mortuary Drape on this tour.

First band that played was Doomsday, which consisted of ex-Nachtmystium members. The drummer for Doomsday is actually the drummer of Goatwhore as well! They played straight up death metal but with a more punk influence in some of the songs. They actually covered GG Allin's I Kill Everything I Fuck, which was AWESOME. Very good band, sucks that this is their only show. They actually got together at the last second to practice so the singer had his vocals down and was reading from a lyrics sheet on the monitor for all the songs. You'd think that's kinda lame but for them to get on this show on very short notice is pretty cool of them.

The next band was Nethervoid, from Iowa. I missed most of their set but when I walked in towards the end I was welcomed to the singer holding up 2 decapitated goat heads (real, too) and a bloodstained, burned bible on the stage. I can only imagine that they were fucking crazy.

And finally, Inquisition. I managed to get front row right in front of Dagon, which was That guy is clean as hell on the guitar. But for the most part I was watching the drummer who is a BEAST. His blast beat technique is odd, to say the least but he was still on time the whole set. During Embraced By The Unholy Powers Of Death And Destruction Dagon's guitar went out completely in the middle of the song, so it was a few minutes before they fixed it and came back. I think the cable connecting to the guitar pedals kept coming out since Dagon was stepping on the wires all the time since he was moving around a lot. So because of that they had to cut Cosmic Invocation Rites which would have been the 3rd to last song. Sucks because I was looking forward to hearing it but the rest of the songs fucking KILLED. The set was spread evenly throughout their amazing discography!

Inquisition are too fucking good live. See them if you have the chance! I'd love to see them again on the Dark Funeral tour but I don't like Dark Funeral and the other bands on there a lot.


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