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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post

50.Crowbar-Sever The Wicked Hand

Pretty damn fine comeback album for Crowbar. Kirk Windstien can still churn out plenty of headbang-worthy riffs (that was kind of obivious considering how much of a legend he is and his recent work with Kingdom Of Sorrow). The one thing that prevents this album from being higher up is Windstien's vocals. It's surprising considering how much I love sludge, but I don't really like his vocals. He doesn't sound any worse than on past records, it's just a personal taste gripe. Still, this is a solid release that any classic sludge fan should enjoy.
Standout Tracks
1.The Cemetery Angels
2.As I Become One
3.Protectors of the Shrine

49.Touche Amore-Parting The Seas Between Brightness and Me

Screamo isn't a genre I normally enjoy, but Touche Amore is too damn good at it to be ignored. This is definitely a more catchy record than their debut, but it maintains the raw, real emotion that makes Touche Amore a standout of the genre.
Standout Tracks
1.Method Act
3.Art Offical
I feel the same way about both albums, actually
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