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14. La Dispute - Wildlife

Wow. Me from 2 years ago would never have thought that one day in the near future i'd rank a post hardcore album as one of the years best releases. As little as a year ago I would avoid anything with the post-hardcore/emo/screamo label like the plague but it's something I've really warmed up to recently. When looking for new stuff to listen to I saw this ranked very highly on rym at one point and decided to give it a listen and surprisingly I dug this album on my first listen. This is one of the few non rap albums I've heard where I found the lyrics to be the best part of the music. The lyrics here aren't typical emo whining. La Dispute like to tell stories with their music. Sad, tragic, depressing stories. In a good way, this album could ruin my day. The real standout track here is King Park. It tells the tragic tale of a little kid getting killed in a drive by shooting and the guilt the killer has to deal with.

When I first started drafting this blurb I had this album at 16 then listening to it again and writing about it made me bump it up 2 spots. Really great album.

Recommended tracks:
King Park
Harder Harmonies
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues

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