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16. Anthrax - Worship Music

It's good to have Anthrax back. This isn't exactly a return to form for Anthrax since it's completely modern sounding, and doesn't really sound anything the classic albums with Joey Belladonna. Just like everyone else has stated before, this sounds like it was written with John Bush in mind. I still like the fact that Joey is back though. With this album Anthrax finally recovered from all the singer bullshit and put out their strongest album in over 15 years. This album isn't really thrash but that's ok. This album is chock-full of catchy and well written modern heavy metal with plenty of nice riffs and solos here and there. If you were looking forward to hearing an album reminiscent of Spreading the Disease and Among the Living you will be disappointed with this album but I think it should please most Anthrax fans.

Recommended tracks:
Fight em' til You Can't
The Devil You Know
I'm Alive
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