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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Thanks for the long review! Still sounds like it was a great time despite all the cancellations. I'd hope there was another Rites of Darkness, since we don't have many festivals like it, but I can't see it doing well after this year. Who knows though. Maybe it will come back, just on a smaller scale like the first couple years.
I agree. And not to sound biased or anything, but this festival should be in Austin. You can read the reviews of people who came in from out of town that this was in a shit area of San Antonio with nothing really nearby and right next to the ghetto. There wasn't even an ATM at the venue and the one at the bar across the street was out of cash all weekend not to mention that food options were nonexistent unless you wanted a hot dog or movie theater style nachos. If they did this as a two day fest in Austin at either Red 7 or the Mohawk it would be great. So many hotels, restaurants, bars, food trucks and other venues in close walking distance.
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