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This fall, I went to a Bane show mainly to catch Defeater, who I'd been hearing a lot of buzz about and wanted to see live to judge them myself. Unfortunately, Defeater couldn't even play the show, and I ended up having to wait an hour for the show to start late. I actually fell asleep on one of those comfy chairs on the balcony of Reggie's. Anyway, Bane ended up being alright, but nothing special, and the other band, Miles Away, was kind of too melodic and whiny for me to care about. Hey, it was a Bane show, what was I expecting?

However, the other opening band was Dead End Path. I had never heard 'em before, but let me tell you, never have I fallen in love with a band so fast from seeing them live. As soon as they kicked into the opening notes of Blind Faith, I was absolutely enthralled by their performance. Place went crazy, too. Another debut LP after a series of demos from a young hardcore band, Blind Faith is an absolutely crushing, crisp, catchy, and well constructed hardcore record. The riffs are catchy, the production is stellar, and the crisp scremed vocals are great. One of my favorite records of any genre to come out this year, and definitely one I'd recommend to everyone. Can't wait to catch them again live.

Notable Tracks:
Never Had Heaven Ever
Skeleton Key To The Cemetery

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