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Great review. I'm not sure if I'm surprised at the reaction to Clones. When I saw him, it seemed like everyone knew the song (although I imagine everyone in the first few rows in familiar with most of his material), but I get the feeling a lot of people who go to see Cooper don't know anything post "You and Me" except for "Poison". I love that Steelers line. I've never heard him break character before (at least, not in any way that he normally does).

I also have to agree with the Orianthi comment. I was so surprised when I checked out her music. I'd definitely listen to her music if it was more rock-based (one song from her EP sounded decent, but the rest sounded like Pop).

Also, since we are near the end of the tour, I imagine the next tour announcement will come around the end of the year. He has nothing lined up after next week until August, and I can't see him touring anywhere other than North America first. The next tour will probably be his best too! W2MN songs combined with songs from RYFAY (if he doesn't deliver on this, I'll be quite sad) should make for a great show!

Edit: I totally called this one wrong. Alice says he's got six months off, so it seems unlikely that anything will happen until July:
2/9 - Spellcaster (?)
2/10 - Havok, Exmortus
4/11 - Kreator, Obituary
4/19 - HammerFall
4/20 - HammerFall
4/21 - HammerFall

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