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Alice Cooper -- Erie, PA -- December 10th, 2011

The Black Widow
Brutal Planet
I'm Eighteen
Under My Wheels
Billion Dollar Babies
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Hey Stoopid
Is It My Body
Halo of Flies
I'll Bite Your Face Off
Muscle of Love
Orianthi Guitar solo
Only Women Bleed
Cold Ethyl
Feed My Frankenstein
Clones (We're All)
Wicked Young Man
I Love the Dead
School's Out



Since I enjoyed Cooper so much back when I saw him this summer I decided to make a road trip to see him again. The opening act for this show was a band named Livan. I've never heard of them before but they did a good job and acutally got a standing ovation from a lot of people after they were done. I didn't think they were too bad and at least I didn't have to sit through Anvil again I'll check their stuff out to get a better idea of what they sound like. The best way to describe them is Billy Idol singing for a modern alternative rock band.

Cooper keeps getting better each time I see him. I have no complaints over the set being the same since it's such a great song selection. The venue he played at, The Warner Theater, I had never been to before but it's a very nice and roomy 2,000 seat place. I had fourth row center but by the way it was set up it didn't seem like there was a bad seat in the house to view this show. My view was crystal clear with no obstructions or anything else to hinder my enjoyment of the show.

I liked this show better than the one I saw earlier this year. It was cool to see him outdoors in a general admission setting in August but I believe theaters like this are the places Alice is meant to play in. Everything sounded great and both the band and Alice were in top form. Orianthi wasn't playing the first time I saw him so this was my first time ever seeing her play. She fits in well in the rock enviroment, so hopefully doing a tour like this will inspire her to write rock material from now on.

The crowd was really good for everything except for when they did Clones. Once again I was only one of about ten people who knew the song. Before Alice left the stage he said "Go Steelers" which actually got a good amount of boos from the audience. I thought it was pretty funny but under no circumstances is there any booing allowed at an Alice Cooper show

There seemed to be a lot of people like myself from out of town. I saw a number of New York plates as we left the parking structure and when we exited the venue and trying to find our way back to where we parked some people from Cleveland were trying to do the same thing. Erie isn't that big of a city so i'm not surprised they were a lot of people from the surrounding areas coming in for this show.

This was my fifth time seeing Cooper and he's now become my second favorite live act behind Rush. When it comes to picking a setlist for each tour, his performance, stage presence and show the man just gets it and knows how it's supposed to be done live.
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