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Between the Buried and Me -- Philadelphia, PA -- December 10th, 2011

Great Bands. Great Night. I had a meet and greet so I got to meet BTBAM about an hour before doors (when then they made us go back outside and wait in line again which was kind of dumb) and all the dudes were really nice. Got them to sign my Great Misdirect booklet and I got dan to sign my ORBS booklet. First up in the night was TesseracT who I saw with Protest the Hero back in May. I thought they were good then but the were really fucking killer tonight. Much better than when I saw them in May, Elliot is a great replacement.

The Impossible

Next up was Animals as Leaders. I've been waiting to see this band for a while and I was not disappointed, Tosin is a cyborg. Their set was just a little bit too long for me so I got kind of bored toward the end but regardless they were great.

An Infinte Regression
Tempting Time
Song of Solomon
Point to Point
Isolated Incidents
Thoroughly at Home
Wave of Babies
Cylindrical Sea

Finally the moment I had been waiting for since July when I got my ticket, BTBAM. All the dudes are great musicians and Tommy is an excellent vocalist. Crowd went nuts during the White Walls breakdown which was the highlight of the night for me. Definitely cannot wait until they go on tour again.

Foamborn (B): Decade of Statues
Disease, Injury, Madness
Specular Reflection(with drum solo)
Old-stuff Medley
White Walls
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