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Mayhem -- Atlanta, GA -- December 8th, 2011


Luminous Horizon

Keep of Kalessin:

The Awakening
Dragon Iconography
Dark as Moonless Night
The Divine Land


Silvester Anfang
Cursed in Eternity
Ancient Skin
My Death
A Time To Die
View From Nihil
Illuminate Eliminate
Buried by Time and Dust
Freezing Moon
Funeral Fog
Chainsaw Gutsfuck
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Pure Fucking Armageddon

Great set, but too similar when I saw them back in 2009 for their 25th year anniversary tour. Don't have an Abigail Williams set, but that band is a totally different band from 8 months ago when I saw them opening for Rotting Christ. Their sound (in my opinion) has changed in a good way, but you have to be in the mood for it because its kinda similar to Wolves in the Throne Room now. Hate is only playing 4 songs, but their 4 best. Keep of Kalessin played a solid set, and I heard that KOK's vocalist had a 104 temp that night! Mayhem of course put on an awesome show, and Necrobutcher actually talked to the crowd which really surprised me. They didn't have as much stage props as when I saw them back in 09. Then they had an altar, fake pig's head, and candles. Here they had a skull (which was awesome), a lot of fog, and a cool back drop so I can't complain too much!

I got the VIP so after the show I waited around and met Attila (he was really high so he didn't talk a lot.) Then I met Necrobutcher, he was in a really good mood so that was great. He talked about how he met his ex wife 10 years ago at Ground Zero (venue at Spartanburg, SC) which I thought was cool because I never knew he use to be married, and that was where I first saw them. Hellhammer didn't talk that much, but the whole band was at the bar after the show so I waited by it so I could get a picture and leave. If you have never seen them before then you are missing out!
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