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23. Protest The Hero - Scurrilous

When it comes to tech-metal, few bands are capable of what Protest do, which is write songs usually lower than 5 minutes in length, with huge hooks, and still retain a high level of technical playing. This album is another shining example of this, with catchy chorus sections and lead lines, lots of punch in the songs, and a lot to chew on if you're in anyway a musician. After Fortress, the pressure was on to follow-up with something just as pristine production wise, just as technical, and more importantly, just as memorable. In my opinion, they succeeded, as C'est La Vie demonstrates on the opening track, with a punchy rhythm and huge melody line, and this continues throughout the entire record, with songs like Moonlight, Tapestry, The Reign Of Unending Terror and Sex Tapes keeping up the momentum throughout, and more importantly, keeping the record memorable.

C'est La Vie -
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