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Mayhem -- Cocoa Beach, FL -- December 7th, 2011

If you asked me a week ago if I was going to go to the show, I would have told you I probably wouldn't be going. There were a lot of things holding me back from going, 2 of the more important being was problems with my friend and tests I had the day after. The day before it somehow ended up that I would be going, so I was psyched to see the band that got me into black metal! The show was to be originally in a venue in Orlando. From what I heard the venue could fit around 400-500 people and had a pretty good sized stage. Unfortunately, it got moved last minute to some random venue in Cocoa Beach due to the venue in Orlando having to close. I luckily found out through facebook, other than that I couldn't think of how the people who don't have facebooks would figure it out. Regardless, I don't think I have ever heard of Cocoa Beach up until this show, so I had no idea how it would be like. It was a 2 hour/2 hour and 30 minute long drive and doors opened at like 7 so we left at 6:30 in hopes to miss Abigail Williams

So we got there at around 9, I just woken up and I was super tired so I got a Monster at a gas station we stopped by. The first thing I noticed was the venue was in the middle of nowhere, hell it wasn't a venue, it was pub. From the outside it looked pretty big, but when I got inside, I realized only half of it was the actually stage. The stage was small and I mean really small, as MPF would say, I was in "perfect dick sucking level" Actually, the stage was probably lower than that, I was up to their chests, practically face to face. There were no more than 50 people there... maybe 10 more, idk. It was crazy, to think I would be seeing such a legendary band such as Mayhem in a place like this was mind blowing.

I got in as Abigail Williams was playing, they sucked, sounded like a rip-off as Agalloch. I got bored went and got a Deathcrush Mayhem tour shirt
Then came Hate, I enjoyed them opening for Sepultura, this time I was just kinda bored besides one or 2 songs. I went and caught up with some friends I met at previous shows that miraculously showed up at this one. It was a nice surprise. I also talked to this really attractive, NORMAL looking girl. She was awesome, sucked that she was 6 years older than me, I think she was into me until I told her that Keep of Kellesin(or how ever the fuck you spell it) came on. They were better than I remembered that when I saw them open for Sepultura, still boring after 2 songs. I think it was the amazing new drummer that made them better.
THEN CAME MAYHEM. I squeezed myself to the front to witness one of the greatest black metal bands of all time. Soon we heard the drums of Silvested Anfang. DUM DUN DUM DUN! The band slowly came up, including the almighty Hellhammer Everyone, except Atilla. They then burst into Deathcrush I saw Atilla come in from the glimpse of my eye, but he just went into a dark corner and did his thing. I was confused as fuck at first, but then he came on stage with his cape, skull and inverted cross microphone. He was insane and weird throughout the show. He would come close to the crowd and then pull away really fast, randomly put the noose around his neck, spaz completely, and be fucking weird throughout. He is an insane frontman and he pulled off the vocals perfectly. It was fucking awesome. The rest of the band did really amazing as well, Necrobutcher being right in front of me. He and I had eye contact throughout and at one point he put his pick in his mouth in the middle of a song where he had no part and shook my hand. We looked at each other for a good minute and he nodded his head in approval We had moments like that throughout. The music and setlist was fucking awesome, while I wasn't to familiar/fond of the new stuff it sounded good, but nothing compared to the old stuff Songs of the night were definitely Carnage(Head banged so much), Funeral Fog(Nothing like screaming with Atilla FUNNNNEEERRRRAAALLLLLL FOG! I was by far the loudest person there during that song), Chainsaw Gutfuck(When it started someone conveniatly yelled YEAH!!!), De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, and Freezing Moon(Which seemed like the only song everyone knew, how disappointing). The whole set was awesome, with the only disappointment being Buried By Time and Dust. It really didn't come off that good live. Other than that the band was great. The pit was also crazy throughout, thankfully one of my friends I saw there was a huge black dude who stood behind me and protected me At the end Atilla almost came up to give me a hand shake as well as others in the front, but ended up just giving us a bow and walking away Necrobutcher I went to give one last handshake but I was surprised to see a fist(I didn't know they gave each other fist bumps in the black metal world ) So I ended up awkwardly grabbing his fist. Ended up he sneaked his pick into my hand without me really noticing, unfortunately he left before I could say bye. Was really awesome of him though and I'm happy to have something from the only remaining original member of Mayhem . Hellhammer then came with a really nice attitude and gave everyone hand shakes, I told him hes one of my inspirations, he said thank you, etc. etc. It was a crazy show and possibly one of the best of the year. I still can't believe I saw such a legendary band in such small venue. I recommend you hit up this tour if you can, they kill it and kick ass in every way. I feel like I'm missing shit, but oh well its 2 in the morning

Silvester Anfang
Cursed in Eternity
Ancient Skin
My Death
A Time to Die
View from Nihil
Illuminate Eliminate
Buried by Time and Dust
Freezing Moon
Funeral Fog
Chainsaw Gutsfuck
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Pure Fucking Armageddon
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