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21. Animals as Leaders - Weightless

I discovered Animals as Leaders debut album early this year and I was pretty impressed by it. To me their music is like really, really good video game music. At times it reminds me of the F-Zero X soundtrack (my favorite video game soundtrack ever). I was interested in hearing how they will progress on the next album and I think they certainly topped the self titled with this one. Electronic music is something that never interested me at all but the way AaL infuses it into their music is pretty cool. Tosin Abasi has gotta be one of, if not the greatest guitarist of our generation. Sometimes when I listen to him play I can't help but question if he's really human. On the opening track "An Infinite Regression" he uses this strange guitar technique where it's like he's playing a bass solo with an 8 string guitar. It's really fuckin cool.

Recommended tracks:
Isolated Incidents
An Infinite Regression
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