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Looks like the setlist has been constant on this tour; I saw the same set in Atlanta three nights ago. I found that each opening band was slightly better than the last, with Abigail Williams being a horrendous bore, Hate being an unimpressive Behemoth clone (who themselves do nothing for me anymore), and Keep of Kalessin being decent but featuring a VERY good drummer.

Mayhem made up for the lackluster opening bands, though. The songs were well chosen, even the newer stuff, which I was not familiar with. Great atmosphere and stage presence from Attila, who was as weird as always, and delivered his trademark bizarre vocals with gusto. The venue itself was irritating, as they had Hellhammer completely barred from view from all angles. The crowd was energetic, especially during the old songs - things went completely nuts then. Definitely a fun night. Even the bad bands weren't insufferable, since that allowed me time to drink and talk with other metalheads.
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