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23. Weedeater - Jason... The Dragon

I recommend you find someone to spot you when you listen to this cause this album is heavy as fuck. Weedeater is obviously a stoner metal band I can imagine marijuana would enhance the listening experience. I enjoy stoner/sludge a good deal and I don't smoke at all. The best part of Weedeater's music is Dixie Dave's thick, muddy bass lines. The way these songs vibrate in your ears when you listen with headphones is amazing . But why is this only at 23? Well the real down side to this album is that it's short and 4 of the songs on here are just filler. So when you strip away all the pointless filler songs the album is under 25 minutes long. There's 3 interludes and the last track is a little more then an outro but I doubt your gonna wanna keep the album on whenever it comes up. The 6 legitimate songs on here are all great though and I definitely recommend it.

Recommended tracks:
Jason... The Dragon
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