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When The Smoke Clears is the second full length from Atlanta's Bridge 9 posterboys, Foundation. And holy living shit, it is fucking heavy. Another huge band in this new hardcore uprising, Foundation is definitely grounded in mosh-worthy riffs that get your body moving. Look no further than the first track, Purple Heart, and also the origin of the title. "Who will march forward when the smoke clears?" One of my favorite songs to come out this year, and a perfect way to build up a hardcore song into a crushing breakdown outro. My only complaint is that I wish the vocals were more pronounced and catchy, and some of the songs tend to drag. But still, can't wait to see where this band goes. They can only get better.

Purple Heart
Anthem For Redemption

P.S: I love that album art, too. I'm a sucker for War by U2, so it's cool to see that similar artistic style.
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