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Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
Before I clicked on this thread I was worried you wouldn't have been satisfied with the performance
Me too.

Glad you ended up enjoying it. I was totally blown away by Pentagrams Heavy performance at this years Power of The Riff Fest. The only thing that was lame was some technical difficulties with the mic during the first few minutes of their set, but after that it was just Pure Doom Metal bliss

Too bad I booked it before they went into their encores

After they finished what I thought was to be the last song, bobby and the rest did a pretty good job at making a believable "Goodbye" to the fans, goin on and on with the "We love yous" and how it was the last song and they gotta leave and how much they love Los Angeles, the LA crowed and ect. Someone else on this board who was also at the same show made a post on here about how the encore was totally unplanned and that they were really suppose to get off the stage after finishing up the last song(So i dont feel like complete idiot for missing them) . Right after I booked it out of the venue, apparently the band asked the people running the venue if they could play some encore because the crowed was going ape shit, roaring chants of "PENTA-GRAM, PEN-TAH-GRAM" and "ENCORE", fuck I could hear them roaring those chants from miles away as I was Dashing to my car. oh well

But what I did see was totally and completely mind blowing
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