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Originally Posted by Ape View Post
On the as I lay dying fall tour 2010 I got the chance to talk to Phil because I was parked right by the buses and he happened to be standing there when I walked out. This is how the conversation went.

Me: hey Phil, what's up. I have a question for you?
Phil: what's that?
Me: I've seen you guys a bunch over the years and the last few times I've noticed you haven't been playing anything from this darkened heart and only a couple from fall of ideals. I think tonight there was only two from fall of ideals. What's up with that? I love the early stuff.
( this was before the most recent cd came out)
Phil: well we only had a 45 minute set and it seems everytime we play the old stuff people look at us like we are retarded.
Me: I look at you that way when you play new stuff though
Phil: whatever we can't please everyone especially with a short set.
Me: that's understandable but it's been the last three times I've seen you.
Phil: whatever I got to get out of here.

Then he walked away. I said I wouldn't see them again but dammit hatebreed was playing and I had a meet and greet so I watched them. This time the only thing I could think of is you had a headline set this time Phil where's that excuse now? It's pretty sad. He basically said they didn't give a fuck about the fans that got them started. At least that's what I take from the conversation and the last few years they have toured.
No offense dude, but you came off as annoying the way I take it. They got famous off their new stuff and as much as I LOVE their old stuff, all their music is good. You have to realize they tour for new albums and they have to play off it. You came off as forcing the idea, even though Phil said that many people come to hear their new stuff and their growing fan base is all due to their new stuff. I know on their last headlining tour last year they did a lot of old stuff, so maybe you should have caught them then.
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