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On the as I lay dying fall tour 2010 I got the chance to talk to Phil because I was parked right by the buses and he happened to be standing there when I walked out. This is how the conversation went.

Me: hey Phil, what's up. I have a question for you?
Phil: what's that?
Me: I've seen you guys a bunch over the years and the last few times I've noticed you haven't been playing anything from this darkened heart and only a couple from fall of ideals. I think tonight there was only two from fall of ideals. What's up with that? I love the early stuff.
( this was before the most recent cd came out)
Phil: well we only had a 45 minute set and it seems everytime we play the old stuff people look at us like we are retarded.
Me: I look at you that way when you play new stuff though
Phil: whatever we can't please everyone especially with a short set.
Me: that's understandable but it's been the last three times I've seen you.
Phil: whatever I got to get out of here.

Then he walked away. I said I wouldn't see them again but dammit hatebreed was playing and I had a meet and greet so I watched them. This time the only thing I could think of is you had a headline set this time Phil where's that excuse now? It's pretty sad. He basically said they didn't give a fuck about the fans that got them started. At least that's what I take from the conversation and the last few years they have toured.
Hmm, interesting.
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