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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
That Alice Cooper review was just plain wrong in a few parts
Nothing in there is factually incorrect.

Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
These albums weren't really successful. They each had a hit single, but I don't see how the albums themselves marked a good period for Alice. Especially since his descent into alcoholism got worse (there was no tour for Goes to Hell, and he had to go to rehab after Lace & Whiskey).
Read it more carefully. It says there were successful albums, THEN there was Goes To Hell and Lace And Whiskey, which follow suit stylistically. In actual fact, those two albums are every bit as good as the successful ones before it. Especially School's Out, which is actually a pretty shitty record.

Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
Does he need to be mentioned? He wasn't until the trilogy of songs on the original, and that sort of thing didn't need to be done again. In fact, I think this Nightmare is about Alice. He has repeatedly said "what would it be like if Alice had another nightmare 35 years later?".

Firstly, Alice has said this wasn't supposed to be a direct sequel. It was another nightmare.
This is purely a point of whether or not you care about the lack of continuity. If it's not a sequel, don't call it 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare'. He tried to make a sequel. Whether or not he really wanted to continue the story, or he just wanted to re-access the cache of the original, only he could say.

Incidentally, it's not another nightmare. It's a collection of nightmares, like the first one was. And I don't agree it's auto-biographical in any way. Except that in a sense the character of Alice was always Steven's sub-conscious or alter-ego anyway.

Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
Also, I've heard way more opinions that it's more of a sequel to Goes to Hell, but I really can't think of another Alice album that sounds like this.
It doesn't sound like any others per se, but that's not what I was saying. It's taking the same approach as Dirty Diamonds, which is to say he's trying to be varied for the sake of being varied, not because he needs to be. Dirty Diamonds had the benefit of some good songs, which W2MN doesn't have, but both are purely attempts to recapture what made him big in the first place.

Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
As for the music itself, I could see how someone could dislike it. There are a lot of reasons this album should suck: auto-tune, disco, surf-rock songs, Ke$ha, and the list goes on. I hate all of those things, but I really think Alice pulled it off here. With the exception of Ghouls Gone Wild (it isn't awful, it's just not up to the rest of the album), every track is pretty enjoyable here. For me, it worked really well as a concept, especially if you follow the story that Alice laid out.
And there are lots of reasons parts of it do suck. The disco track is awful. Ghouls Gone Wild is awful (actually, probably the worst Alice Cooper song of the last 30 years, at least). The Ke$ha track is good, but Alice has proven before that he can do those kinds of cross-over tracks well before, so that's not really a surprise. When Hell Comes Home and I Am Made of You are brilliant. The rest is, at best, boring, albeit catchy. I'll Bite Your Face Off is fine live - it really benefits from being much heavier - but otherwise it's just a weak rock track.

It's annoying how catchy things like The Last Man On Earth are, and I can't really fault it for that, but the way he makes upbeat music then pretends to be this evil character singing about nightmares really irks me. If you want to make an upbeat rock 'n' roll album then fine, do it, but stop pretending to be something else at the same time.

That's why for me Brutal Planet worked so much better. It was about negative subjects and it sounded like it.

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