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Originally Posted by wroed View Post
I liked Reckless when I was younger but never got along with Waking Up The Neighbours and anything after. Same with show last night for me, though I appreciate those that do like that era got a great show. I have to say his voice was fantastic throughout, particularly impressive given how little he pauses during the set.
I like Reckless too, but I'm not a massive fan of the stuff before it. I basically really enjoy Reckless through On A Day Like Today, but not really before and after that period. 'Waking Up The Neighbours' best tracks aren't the singles, that's for sure. 'Don't Drop That Bomb On Me' will always be my favourite BA song, and probably one of my favourite songs period. Still a bit disappointed he left that one out. 'Not Guilty' is another great one off that disc he didn't do.

Originally Posted by wroed View Post
Oh and the guy who made the donation to do guest vocals during When You're Gone was hysterical! You could see Bryan wasn't expecting the falsetto, though he dropped him in it when he asked him what he did for a living and he told us he was an investment banker drawing boo's, hehe!
That was great, but much better than I've seen it before. On the two occasions I've seen Bryan before, one time he actually got Melanie Chisholm to do it, like the recorded version, and another time they used a spotlight to pick a random girl from the audience. Inevitable disaster followed.

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